„Rimi Lithuania“ – the most sociable company of the year

2011 m. Gegužė 05 d.
In the National Responsible Awards 13 companies of Lithuania and other countries were awarded for creating social wealth and decreasing harmful influence to the environment. It was the first time when “Rimi Lithuania“ participated in these awards and received an award as the most sociable company of the year.
In the category of the foreign capital countries “Rimi Lithuania“ was chosen as the most sociable company for the consistent engagement with the disabled people and for the partnership with small-scale Lithuanian farmers.
“We are very happy and touched by being awarded this award. “Rimi Lithuania” success is built on the performance and effort from each individual in the company. Success comes from diversity and possibility to have different abilities within the company. This award shows that we have entered the right path and we will continue on it“, – says Christian Wijkstrom, „Rimi Lithuania“ Country Managing Director.
President Valdas Adamkus, the guardian of the National Responsible Awards, is glad that the culture of business is increasing and each year there are more and more companies in Lithuania which are not only trying to reach bigger profits but also are thinking about environment and the wealth of our society.
“According to the global experience, I have noticed the regularity that economical power of the companies is closely related to their attitude towards non-material wealth. If the social links created by the leaders of the company are strong there‘s no doubt that the employees and the partners of the company feel more safe. Also if the company has responsible attitude towards it‘s market it definitely will be more successful than others“, - says President V. Adamkus.
Winners in the awards were chosen in three categories – Big Lithuanian companies, Foreign capital companies, Small and medium business. The companies were awarded in such nominations: “The working place of the year“, “The most sociable company of the year“, “Environmental company“ and – “Socially responsible company“. Also there were given special and year‘s debut awards.
13 representatives of the companies of Lithuania and other countries came on the stage to take their awards. They were congratulated by President Valdas Adamkus, Donatas Jankauskas, Minister of Social Security and Labour, Gediminas Kazlauskas, Minister of Enivornment and Rimantas Žilys, Minister of Economy. 

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