“Rimi” Continues the Expansion

2009 m. Gruodis 10 d.
The company “Rimi Lietuva“ finishes its network expansion this year by opening a new “Rimi Hypermarket” in Klaipeda. The new shopping center, which is being opened today, is the 8th new shopping center this year.
“Rimi Lietuva“ reconstructed and expanded two “Rimi” “Supermarket“ shops into “Hypermarket“ in Vilnius and Kaunas, also opened first shopping centers in Kaisiadorys and Skuodas as well as opened 4 new shopping centers in other cities in Lithuania during the year 2009. The company has increased its shopping space by more than 4,000 sq. meters and created almost 450 new working places in a year.
“When the situation in the market is very sensitive and we can hear about shops being closed down more often then about new projects being undertaken, we are happy to offer a new shopping center for our customers. We believe that our company is able to successfully adapt to changes in the market and that is why we can smoothly fulfill our desired expansion plans”, – said Tony Holmberg, “Rimi Lietuva” General Manager.
Around 70 new employees will be working in a new shopping center. On average the competition for one working place was 15 people per place. Administrative positions were the most popular ones – around 100 people were applying for each position.
The new shopping center is located next to a reconstructed road connecting Klaipeda and Palanga – Liepojos street 27. For the opening occasion “Rimi” will great its customers having special price offers, various surprises, and the assortment of more than 10,000 goods. The neighbors will not be left unnoticed – together with the city’s leaders and other guests “Rimi” will bring various gifts including the Christmas tree for Sailors’ Hospital in Klaipeda.
“Rimi Hypermarket” differs from other shops by having a modern environment, high quality goods and service, and the cosiness. The convenient placement of goods and personal attention to a customers attract people for a pleasant shopping.
About “Rimi Lietuva“
The company “Rimi Lietuva“ is managing 66 shopping centers around Lithuania: 28 “Rimi” (“Supermarket”), 14 “Rimi Hypermarket“, and 24 low-price “Supernetto“ shops.

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