Lithuania can be circled three times with the towels distributed during „Rimi“ loyalty campaign

2009 m. Rugsėjis 22 d.
The company “Rimi Lietuva” organized loyalty campaigns during which the amount of “Villeroy&Boch” towels distributed would be enough to circle the Lithuanian territory three times. During the previously organized campaign “Rosenthal Belcanto” glasses were offered, the total amount of which would be enough to build 100 Eiffel towers.
“Rimi Lietuva“ Country Managing Director Tony Holmberg says that the loyalty campaigns are successful not only in Lithuania but in other countries where “Rimi” network is operating as well. During the campaigns “Rimi” is always seeking to provide buyers with worldwide known branded products of exceptional quality. “Offered high quality dishes, sets of table tools and towels, bathroom accessories became interior elements in a majority of Lithuanian households. The results of the recent campaign, which ended in August, prove the tendency that the buyers eagerly choose beautiful and high quality products and are active even during the recession”, - said T. Holmberg.
According to him, the loyalty campaigns when buyers were offered to get products without any additional fees or with a significant discount attracted an exceptional “Rimi” buyers’ attention. Hence, on September 22nd the company launched the sixth loyalty campaign offering famous French brand “Pyrex” high quality baking dishes in exchange for a certain amount of campaign stickers. These dishes were designed by famous British designers George Sowden and Morag Hutcheon.
Buyers can explore the “Pyrex Elegance” collection and choose from 10 ergonomic high quality baking dishes made of glass, which are resistant for 230 degrees heat. Among tem six baking shapes with non-burnable covers, which are resistant for corrosion, scratches and reshaping will be distributed. All the dishes are suitable for being used in the ovens, dishwashers, microwaves or freezers.
In order to participate in a loyalty campaign and receive a campaign sticker, one has to buy for at least 25 Lt. More stickers are given when buying certain products. Each week “Rimi” will offer a new list of products, which will help buyers to receive more stickers. Buyers can exchange their stickers for prizes till the 18th of April 2010.
The first “Rimi Lietuva” loyalty campaign was launched in February 2007. Then “Pyrex” French pots were presented as loyalty campaign products. Afterwards „Rosenthal Bianchi“ porcelain dinner table dishes, „Villeroy&Boch“ table tools and knifes, high quality „Rosenthal Belcanto“ solid crystal glasses, „Villeroy&Boch” towels and accessories for bath were offered.
Currently “Rimi Lietuva” is managing 65 stores all around Lithuania: 28 “Rimi” (“Supermarket”), 13 “Rimi Hypermarket” and 24 “Supernetto” stores of low prices.

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