At the end of the year the trade was supported by discounts and special offers

2010 m. Sausis 19 d.
The data of “Rimi” shows that during the last month of the year the sales of alimentary products for home cooking doubly increased. It was conditioned by onetime offers, games and discount systems.
According to General Country Managing Director T. Holmberg, over the last month the loyalty of people to the particular brands decreases. The decision what kind of product to buy is conditioned by discounts and special offers that encourage trying the other product from the same category which costs the same or even cheaper. Wealthy customers also economize and search for alternative variants how to get the product of high quality of lower price; still they do not go to the low price segment. A piece of new is that network of low prices supermarkets “Supernetto”, which belongs to “Rimi Lietuva”, during the period of Christmas and New Year reaped more customers than last year. In all supermarkets the selling of luxury products was low because mostly the customers were selecting the products with special offers,” – says T. Holmberg.
During the last month of 2009, especially the period of Christmas and New Year the last month of 2009, alcohol and toy’s selling increased. It happened because of special offers during which the discounts reach even 60 percent, and these goods were bought twice as much. Also increased the purchase of citrus fruits, fish, and beer.
“We have noticed that increased the number of customers who actively were selecting the goods with special offerings, games, and discounts. Over the Christmas time the customers were interested mostly in those special offers during which the winners were awarded not by the products of luxury but by coupons that they could use buying the most necessary products or goods. This action was organized together with “Dirol”. The main price of this action is the salary of all year – 18 thousand Lt. This sum is divided into twelve portions and each month the winner will be able to spend these money to the goods that are the most necessary for him,” – says General Country Managing Director of “Rimi Lietuva” Tony Holmberg.
“I buy the chewing-gum quite often, so I decided to participate in this action. Winning the price was very pleasant surprise for me. I was very glad that the price is monetary and all my family will be able to pick up the goods and products that will be the most necessary for us at that moment. I think that especially this year, which from my point of view are going to be the most difficult for families in Lithuania, this kind of price will be very useful when buying ordinary goods or more important purchase,” – shares her joy Inga Sliamina from Klaipėda.
Rasa Dervinienė from Kaunas participated in other “Jacobs” Christmas action that was also organized in “Rimi” supermarkets and won the automobile. “This price was unexpected reward, for the many years of faithfulness to the most favorite drink – coffee. It brought much delight to all my family. We did not decided yet whether one of the family members will drive, or we will decide to do else wise,” – was telling R. Dervinienė.
Rimi Baltic Group operates 65 stores in Lithuania; 27 “Rimi” (“Supermarket”), 14 “Rimi Hypermarket” and 24 low price shops “Supernetto.”

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