Where can find recipes?

All recipes could be found here: https://www.rimi.lt/receptai

Which recipes I could add directly to my cart?

All recipes which are in rimi.lt site could be added to your cart.

Where can I see the recipes I have marked as favourite?

You can find the recipes marked as favourite both in the e-shop and on the website under your Rimi profile.

What if I don't want the product recommended as an ingredient in the recipe?

Adding ingredients to the shopping cart opens a view where you can remove unnecessary products and replace a recommended ingredient for a product that suits you. You can manage the ingredients already added to the shopping cart in the shopping cart of the e-shop. 

I know that product is on promo but there is no promo price in ingredient selection?

Only part of promotions are showed in ingredient selection view. Final price of product will be visible in e-shop basket.

I added “roasted duck” recipe to my basked but I did not recieve duck itself.

A product might be out of stock. In addition, we recommend allowing products to be replaced in the shopping cart, so that in the event that during picking your order it turns out that the desired product is out of stock, we can replace it with a similar product and you can still cook according to the recipe.

I have several saved shopping carts. To which shopping cart are the ingredients of the recipe added?

They will be added to your basket that is active at the time. If you want to add it to a specific basket – you have to open this basket first.

Will all the ingredients in the recipe be added to the cart?

It may happen that when you add the ingredients of a recipe to the shopping cart, you will see a list of ingredients that will not be added to the shopping cart, because you probably already have them at home or they are not currently in the assortment of the e-shop. 

I wanted to add “roasted lamb leg” recipe but there is no lamb leg.

It is possible that these items are not in the assortment of the online store. It can also happen with certain seasonal foods that you might not find in the off season.

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